Besides voting for #BernieSanders, there are *many* ways we can help!

1) Follow Bernie on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, tumblr, reddit, Snapchat, e-mail, and wherever else you can find him, then SHARE his updates widely and often. Also connect with other Bernie supporters on your social networks (e.g., join a Bernie Facebook group or a bunch of them!). We’re in this together.  #AmericaTogether #TogetherWeCan #StandTogether #WeAreBernie #PoliticalRevolution
Feel free to use hashtags, such as #Bernie2016, #FeelTheBern, #BernieSanders,
#Bernie, or various others that you see or create to better spread the message. You can also search these hashtags to find more related posts.

2) Talk about Bernie
to friends, family, neighbors, classmates, co-workers,
co-congregationalists, co-unionists, club members, team mates, acquaintances, fellow shoppers, cashiers, dog walkers, the media, anyone and everyone.
Tell people why you support Bernie! Speak from the heart.
Also remind people that Bernie is honest, authentic, trustworthy, principled, progressive, and full of integrity, evidenced by his long and consistent record as a hardworking and fierce fighter for fairness, social justice, environmental sustainability, good jobs, higher wages, education, veterans, LGBT, women, students, senior citizens, immigrants, workers, consumers, etc. without lying, broken promises, flipflopping, scandals, corruption, hypocrisy, negative ads, personal attacks, meanness, etc. #integrity
It’s important to keep Bernie in the public consciousness and for us, not the corporate mass media, to set the agenda. That said, tell the media we want more stories about Bernie, not a Bernie blackout.

3) Check out Bernie’s web site
at and share with others.
Download This Image
Learn about Bernie Sanders on his web site, here, and on Wikipedia.
Find out where Bernie stands on the issues. Tell others.

4) Donate to Bernie.
Even a small donation (whether one-time or especially monthly) gets you counted as another financial donor and those numbers are closely watched by others and the financial support is absolutely critical to this grassroots campaign. Every donation counts! (share this!)
or or click through via
(To donate by check, mail to: Bernie 2016, PO Box 905, Burlington, VT 05402)

5) Get a Bernie sticker, button, t-shirt, hat, mug, magnet, tote bag, sign, baby bib, or whatever
to publicly show your support for Bernie’s campaign and to make Bernie more visible, while helping to fund the official campaign.

6) Put a Bernie sign or image in your window or yard
, on your door, car, or bicycle, or anywhere that proudly shows it off and raises awareness. Get one from the campaign or make your own. Name recognition is vital in electoral campaigns.

7) Write letters to the editors, call talk shows, post comments below online news articles, etc. in support of Bernie’s campaign. This is a really good way to leverage the media.

8) Contact the media to let them know about both official and unofficial events for Bernie, so as to generate support for and coverage of the event.

9) Print out flyers, post cards, business cards, stickers, or whatever with Bernie campaign info (make your own or download ideas from the web) and post on bulletin boards, in laundry rooms, break rooms, mail rooms, etc. and/or hand out or otherwise distribute. We need to get the word out in many different ways and in many different locations.

10) Distribute flyers and/or hold & wave signs for Bernie at farmers markets, flea markets, malls, coffee shops, supermarkets, sporting events, concerts, campuses, gas stations, city halls, state houses, federal buildings, street corners, movie theaters, religious institutions, wherever. Here’s a great Bernie flyer kit.

It’s easy, fun, meaningful, and effective! Team up with a friend and have an outing together, then share photos and stories from your adventure.

Bern Cream
11) Encourage a politician, celebrity, group, or organization to endorse Bernie or join (or create) a grassroots group for Bernie (e.g., Bernie for America, Americans for Bernie, or one based on hobby, occupation, school, geography, demographic, idea, interest, issue, etc.).

12) Attend or host a house party, benefit, or other event for Bernie and meet like-minded people. Have a fundraiser, timeraiser, idearaiser, twitterblast, facebook frenzy, Bernie fiesta, benefit concert, walkathon, fun run, lunch bunch, knit-a-thon, yarn bomb, bonfire, comedy event, talent show, debate watching party, parade, Bernie light brigade, Bernie BBQ, bake sale, yard sale, pot luck, Bernie Blitz, block party, game night, movie showing, pizza party, etc. Plan it with a friend and make it fun.

13) Promote Bernie’s speeches, positions, events, rallies, and media appearances. Share the news and spread the word to keep the grassroots momentum going strong!

14) Translate Bernie’s campaign material, speeches, videos, quotes, and memes into other languages (especially Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Tagalog, but any language would be useful).

Here’s the Spanish/Español version of Bernie’s web site:

We need to be inclusive and welcoming, while reaching as many communities as possible.

15) Write a letter, article, note, create a web site or blog, record a YouTube video or film, make or remix a mashup, create a meme, draw a cartoon, comic or anime, compose an article or poem, make a zine, make art or music, create a petition, or whatever else you can think of to generate more buzz for Bernie. And when you create or find any of these, share them – both online and off.

Use your strengths, interests, hobbies, talents, knowledge, skills, abilities, connections, and creativity to support this important grassroots movement!

16) Chalk a colorful pro-Bernie message on a downtown street corner, at the entrance to a park, on campus, at a ballpark, at the mall, or anywhere visible to lots of people. Bring out your inner artist or inner tagger!

17) Display a big Bernie banner on a freeway overpass or some other very public location.

18) Leverage holidays to spread the Bern: for example, on Halloween or Valentine’s Day, or even your birthday, whether you’re home or away, hand out sweets with a Bernie message. Consider some Bernie caroling.

19) Pledge yourself and encourage others to pledge their support for Bernie.

20) Encourage Independents, as well as Republicans, Libertarians, and Greens, to register Democrat for this election cycle, so they can vote for Bernie in the primaries.

21) Register people to vote and get out the vote (GOTV). We need and deserve high voter turnout to counteract big money and dirty tricks.

22) Contact people in other states, by phonebanking and facebookbanking, urging them to support Bernie.

23) Paint a Bernie mural in a public location, decorate your mailbox, car, bicycle, backpack, door, laptop, etc!

24) Customize your online news with “Bernie Sanders” on Flipboard, Google News, Yahoo, etc. or with a Google Alert and then share news items with others. It’s a great way to get a regular stream and diversity of news about Bernie’s campaign.

25) Turn your car, van, truck, bike, motorcycle, or other vehicle into a Berniemobile.

26) Organize and publicize a march, rally, parade, or light brigade from one highly-visible location to another (e.g., downtown, at a famous landmark, on and around campus, in front of banks, big corporations, and/or government buildings, etc.) (make sure to let the media know in advance and take lots of photos & video to post; consider using a dedicated hashtag).  Think BIG!

27) Create a phone tree or text tree to let your friends know, and for your friends to let their friends know, about important news, events, and dates for the campaign. This is a people’s grassroots campaign.

28) Change your social media avatars or profile photo(s) to Bernie-related images. It’s easy to add a Twibbon.

29) Put a pro-Bernie message with a link in your email signature, which is a really valuable piece of digital real estate.

30) Join or start a Bernie Meetup and meet other people who also #FeelTheBern!

31) Organize a Bernie flashmob. Or some guerrilla theater or singing. Have fun, while entertaining others and spreading awareness!

32) Organize a fun pro-social activity (e.g., cleaning up a park, neighborhood, downtown, or beach) for local Bernie supporters to come together, meet, do good, and socialize, while wearing Bernie t-shirts, hats, and buttons to spread awareness.

33) Volunteer in other ways – be creative! You are needed and no one else can take your unique place in the world!

Try phone banking, which is fun, meaningful, and very effective.

You could also hook into the campaign by texting WORK to 82623 or go to  or go to the mobile site and sign up.

34) Organize, organize, organize! Get more people involved in the campaign, whoever they are, whatever they do, and wherever they live. Invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker, classmate, or relative to join you. Invite your social networks.

Anything you do will make a difference to help counteract the billionaires, SuperPACs, Wall Street, and other greedy corporatists who are scared of Bernie and will spend billions of dollars to defeat him with their dirty tricks!

35) Do at least one thing for the campaign every day and/or at least several things per week (of course, the more the better). Get off your good intentions. Don’t just #FeelTheBern, BE the Bern!

We need to be tireless and relentless in pursuit of a better, fairer, healthier, more prosperous, more sustainable, more honest, safer, and saner America!

Let’s work for Bernie, so Bernie can work for us!   Think  B I G !  Act NOW!


36) Share this web page   w i d e l y !

If we don’t actively and effectively campaign for Bernie before the election,

it will be too late on Election Day 2016.

Bernie is the #RealDeal!

Journey with Bernie and #FeelTheBern!


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